Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Periscope is my new addiction

In a very short time, we have all jumped aboard the "P" word. That's right friends, Periscope.  It is da bomb!! Although I didn't need another addiction, I'm glad I jumped on the band wagon. I have met so many great teachers.  Before joining Periscope, I had actually never heard of Sheila Jane Teaching. I know that's bad. BUT I know who she is now!! :)) 

I've made one very short periscope video. Thanks for the hearts if you threw one at me. :) If you're not following me and would like to, my username is @mrschristysleap. If you have an account, please leave your info in the comments and I will follow you! Sheila Jane Teaching is having a link up. Teacher bloggers are writing about periscope and linking up to meet new bloggers. You can link up here

In other news, I made a facebook account for my blog! WooHoo!! If you want to check it out, you can click here. I'm excited about it!

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