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I love owls. They are adorable! Owls are all over my room. Since I'm not creative on my own, I had to steal borrow a lot of ideas from Pinterest.  Here's a peek at my classroom.
My reading loft used to sit in this spot. After taking it down, we noticed a huge square that was a different color than the rest of the wall.  Instead of painting, I put up paper and made a tree. I think it turned out cute!
I plan on adding more math anchor charts (from TPT) under this board. It will be a math focus wall.
This is the calendar math meeting board. I plan on adding a few more things to it. Stay tuned...
I've purchased this board to use as my focus wall.
This is my behavior chart. I've used it a couple years. It's worked great so far.

Reading and LA wall of anchor charts. I will add to this spot as the students learn new skills.

Fun birthday wall!

I saw this wall on pinterest and had to copy it! 

This is the "catch all" shelf. It's usually clean in August and September. By December, it will be a disaster!


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