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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Famous Americans and Grab A Button

We will be finishing up our famous american unit tomorrow.  I found a really good American Heroes packet on TPT. This packet is full of comprehension, several crafts, timelines, etc.. Check it out by clicking here.  It really has been my "go to" this month! Here's a couple of examples of our work.
Honest Abe!
"I Can Not Tell A Lie"
Importance Of George Washington
Fifth in the Middle has created a state link up. On Diane's blog, each blogger can link up to his/her state. I found a new blogger friend tonight from my state. :) After linking up, grab your button!
I would love to meet a few blogger friends close by and have a "meet up" this summer!

I have a confession. I am not looking forward to Dr. Seuss week! His books give me a headache. I know, it sounds absolutely horrible. I feel bad about it! ..But I will put on my big girl pants and let the kiddos have a great time!! 

I recently added a $1 item on my teacher pay teacher store. All of my other items are free. Anyway, 10 people have purchased it this week! Wow!! 
Hope all of you have a Happy Friday!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Yucky Sunday!..Fun Linky

My family has had a stomach flu this weekend. Yuck! This is bad stuff!! Yesterday, my parents came to check on us. We made them sick. Oops!!

As I was blog hopping today, I saw a fun linky party. Primary Possiblities is having an Alliteration Linky.
This time we want to know.....
1. How do you get your students to LISTEN?  2.  Do you have a secret LOVE?  (make this one fun)  3.  What do you want to LEARN more about?  If you were able to attend any professional development with nomoney limit, what would it be?  What do you want to LEARN?

1-Listening-During assemblies, the principal always raises her hand to get the students attention. The kids must raise their hand too. They respond really well to this. Most teachers have taken it back to their classrooms. It works for me....

2.Love- I love Teen Mom 2! My husband always tells me that I'm probably the only adult in the world watching this show. As I've blog hopped around, I've seen several bloggers talk about loving this show too. It's addictive. 


3. Learn- I want to learn more on Common Core!! On Friday, I attended a workshop. It made me feel better. I enjoy hearing speakers tell all of their ideas about it. I wish I could attend a workshop at least once a month!  Although my school is implementing common core, I don't think we I know as much as I should. I'm working on it though. :) 
Dr. Jean is coming to my area on Friday. Her workshop was filled when I tried to register. :( Maybe next time!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Sayings and Valentine Wrapped up!

Hello Saturday!!  Valentine week is always hard to deal with. I guess it's that way because the kids are given tons of candy and it's too cold (wet in my region) to go out and run, run, run. On top of the holiday fun, I received a new student. It's fine that he joined us, but that was just another factor to send my kiddos over the edge.  None the less, we made it!  We don't have school on Monday! I will need an extra day to recover.

I am joining Forever In First for Saturday Sayings. Each Saturday, a few bloggers tell their favorite quotes. I always enjoy it!
Several years ago, I worked with a precious lady. She would always say, "Always treat each child the way you would want your child to be treated." When she told me this, I didn't have my own children. It sounded correct but I really didn't understand. But now that I have my own boys, those words hit home each and every day. It somehow has been engraved into my mind. You know those occasional  moments when a child has said or done something that makes you walk out of the room for a deep breath? Yep, you know.. During those times, I can always remember her soft voice reminding me to treat that child as my own.  Here's a pic I found on pinterest that sort of goes along with my quote.
Our homeroom mom made our valentine party healthy. We had string cheese, pretzels, apples, and fruit dip. Of course, she had to add a cupcake. What's a party without cupcakes??
We also copied a few ideas from pinterest. Here's our version.
She forgot to write I Love You. Oops..

Fun, Fun, Fun

Valentine Bingo
At the end of the day, the Good Samaritan gave every lady at our school a dozen of roses. PRECIOUS!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's with common core please..

This has been a long weekend! Normally this would be a good thing but this weekend I've been stuck inside with a sick kid :(   This is a weird sickness. Sam has ran fever for three days but feels absolutely fine.  He is laughing and playing as I type this. Hmmm...

I am linking up with Learning in Wonderland. Here's a few valentine's pinterest items I plan on letting my class do.

Click on the pic to go to her blog. You can get this cute printable from her TPT store.

Valentine's day is my least favorite holiday. The valentine party is always the LOUDEST day of the year!! But I promise to give it my all and enjoy it for the kiddos.

What's your favorite common core link? Have you found a website or book that is extremely helpful? Our school has been giving out information and sending speakers to help us with common core. Just wondering what has helped you?? 

Have a great week!!