Friday, October 2, 2015

October Currently

It's time for October Currently! It's hard to believe October is already here!! I've had my school kiddos 42 days! I love those babies so much! They make me smile!!

Listening- to my favorite show Nashville. I love Deacan! I'm so glad he didn't die on the show!..Hope I didn't spoil that for anyone!
Loving- Move Your Bus. I'm doing a book study at school with the new Ron Clark book. It's great! The book has challenged me to be a better person and teacher! I've only got 2 chapters left to read!
Thinking- I finally joined Shelia Jane! A co-worker joined and loves it! So I decided to give it a try! Shelia is so much fun! I can't wait to see what her website is all about!
Needing-to do laundry. I have a confession. Its hard to go to sleep when I have a load of clothes that need to go in the wash. I just can't handle having dirty clothes in my house! B.U.T. tonight I don't care! This girl right here is tired! 
Bootiful-My sleeping family. I've tucked my 3 little boys in their beds and looked at their sweet little faces. (Hubby's asleep too) It's nice to have a few minutes alone!

If you haven't joined in the fun, link up here to share your currently!

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  1. 3 boys! You have your hands full -very full! Lol
    I was not familiar with Sheila Jane so I just went over and checked it out. Looks great !Thanks for the heads up!
    Reading and Writing Redhead