Monday, October 26, 2015

Move Your Bus Book Study

I am linking up with Second Grade Sizzle for her Ron Clark Book Study. 

Our school is participating in a Move Your Bus book study. Each week we look at certain chapters and collaborate ways to make our school and ourselves better.  This book has been an eye opener. I was excited when I read that Second Grad Sizzle was having a weekly book study. It's been fun reading bloggers posts and recognizing that my coworkers have had some of the same dificulties. I've learned a lot.
Chapter 17

Allow the Runners to reap the rewards

Let me begin with this...I think I am a fast jogger who gets caught up running occasionally. Here's Ron's definition of each. 
Runner-consistently go above and beyond what is required.
Jogger-Do their jobs well without pushing themselves.

I work in an inclusion classroom with 19 students. I feel that I do my job well. At work, I am 100% in! 
At home, I am a wife with 3 little boys. I feel that I do that job well too. At home, I am 100% in! ...until they go to bed then it's TPT, Periscope, Blab, Twitter Chat, IG, and Blogging time! 
I am not a consistent runner at school. I am OK with that! I go above and beyond in my classroom, just not with extra curricular things.

"Please try to be happy and supportive of the runners who carry the lion's share of the work. Understand that they deserve the perk!"p. 93...I agree with that! 

Chapter 18

Exude a sense of urgency

Ron quoted a quote from his grandmother, "People who walk slow ain't got nowhere to go."p. 95 That lady is soooo right!! It bothers me when teachers walk around slowly. I want to scream, "Put some pep in your step people!"

He also talked about an employee at RCA, Kennedy Reddick. He is a "beast". "This man knocks things out, but the best part about it is that when he's given a task, nothing stands in his way." p. 97 This man reminds me of our school counselor. She is a "beast"! She has a heart of gold and is a workaholic!!

Chapter 19

Find Solutions

Ron told his staff he wanted to "find some dragon DNA, grow an adult dragon, have her lay eggs, and then crack the eggs open and fill them with candy and t-shirts."  He wanted this "dream" to come true but had no idea about how to make it happen. Dear sweet Hope King stepped up and said, "I will do it!" She made it happen! At the end of her project, it was going to coast $20 to mail each package. Hope decided she would hand deliver each package to each child. It was cheap AND made each child feel special!...Meeting Hope King is on my bucket list...

At the end of this chapter, Ron says, "trust me, your initiative will always be recognized and rewarded". 

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  1. I think I need to get this book and read it! These 3 chapter reviews made me intrigued. Love the "sense of urgency"; people always tell me I look like I'm on a mission. I am; to get it all in and give those kiddos all they need and deserve!! Off to Amazon I go...

    A Very Curious Class