Saturday, August 15, 2015

First Full Week Of School!!

What a week!! It was l.o.n.g. but great! My class is still working on getting into a routine. Hopefully, we will have one by the end of next week...fingers crossed!!

I began the week teaching nouns. Every year, my students enjoy cutting pictures out of magazines and sorting them into the categories of "person, place, thing, or animal".  I set the Classroom Timer on 15 minutes and said "GO"! 

I was thrilled that every student was able to do this activity regardless of his/her disability! I think the ending result was fantastic!! 

A few teachers have pinned pics on Pinterest of students writing on tables with dry erase markers. Before this week, I had never allowed students to do this. Well, I decided to give it a go and my first grade babies LOVED writing on the table at their seats. It wasn't messy at all AND it saved several sheets of paper!!
As I wrote number words on the board, my students copied the words, wrote the digits, and built the numbers using linking blocks. I will definitely allow them to write on the tables again! 

Did you notice my blog button pic on the bottom of every photo? I watched the Meg's New Box Of Crayons periscope when she said every one should watermark all photos when posting on social sites.  I hopped on the app store and found a few apps to chose from. If you want to do this too, you can find free watermark apps that are easy to use! Here's the one I chose. This app cost $0.99. It's very user friendly! 

I hope all of you are having a relaxing weekend! 

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