Sunday, August 2, 2015

August Currently...My Last Day Of Summer Break

At 5:00 am I will be singing, "Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It's Off To WORK I go!"
I can't complain! My summer has been FANTASTIC! We've gone to the beach, had many lazy rainy days, AND I watched 4 series on Netflix! All good things shouldn't must come to an end.

Although I'm a little late, I am linking up with Farley for her August Currently. Don't ya just love Currently?? I do!  This month she had a link up on Instagram. That was a fabulous idea!

*Listening-I am listening to my little boy play mine craft. That boy is really good at it! He builds things FAST!
*Loving-I have finished cleaning the house for tonight. I love relaxing on the computer after my chores are done!
 *Thinking- It has ALWAYS been my fear that I will wake up late the first day of school. But my mind is racing and I can't sleep. I feel like a kid the night before Christmas!
*Wanting-I am wanting a little more free time. The biggest thing I will miss is looking down at my phone through out the day and seeing a favorite blogger on Periscope.
 *Needing- I NEED a new teacher bag! The struggle is real! The first day of school, the local bank feeds the teachers breakfast and gives us a gift. The gift is usually a lunch box or teacher bag. Since I'm cheap frugal, I am waiting to see if they give us a bag. If not, I've got to find one...Quick!!
*B2SRAK- Seusstastical gives her coworkers a cute notebook. I thought about doing that as a gift.

If you haven't linked up, you can find her blog here. 

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  1. Hi Christy,

    Good luck on your first days back! I'm jealous that your house is clean - I'll be doing that tomorrow :-)


  2. Yay! Another looping teacher!
    I hope you have a fabulous first day back at school tomorrow!! We go back in one week.
    I will definitely miss Periscope. I have stayed glued to my phone all summer!