Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lovin' This Snow Day!

Today is our 1st Snow day. It. Is. Coming. Down.! My boys are so excited and can't wait to build a snowman!!

I'm linking up with Mrs. Stanford's Class to share my hump day highlight. Don't you just love her blog?? She is one of my favorite bloggers!

During calendar time on Wednesdays, my students ask to watch the Hump Day commercial. Here's the link if your kiddos want  to watch it too. Hump Day Commercial Link We also love the remix! Hump Day Remix Link

I'm a little late, but here's pics from our 100th day of school.
The kiddos had sooo much fun crawling into our room! I got this cute idea from Mrs. Bright.

Teachers and students dressed as 100 year olds. Those kids were adorable carrying around walking sticks and canes!
Our first grade hall has 10 classrooms. We went room to room doing different activities. I started my rotation with Curious George making groups of tens.Curious George Link
Then, each child cut out circles and pasted all 100 of them in our big gum ball machine. 

Last, they painted 10 dots in 10 groups to make 100.

I got most of these activities from TPT, Marrissa Zimmer's store.

Oh my goodness! I just got the news that TPT will be extending the sale an extra day! YAY!!!

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