Friday, January 18, 2013

Finally Friday!

1-Common Core-  Last year, my school began integrating common core in small bits.  This year, we have dove in with all of our might! We had another training yesterday and I still have a headache.  My mind is spinning around those two words. "common" and "core".
2-100th Day Of School-  What a fun day!! Only 79 days left..
3-Winter Weather Package- First Grade Carousel is hosting a Winter Wonderland Exchange. My class wrote a letter and made a craft about our winter. I mailed our package to her today. She will mail us a package from someone across the country.  Click on the link and join the exchange.  Deadline is January 25th.
4. Due to icy weather conditions, we had two 60% days this week. I enjoyed going home early and catching an episode of Maury!
5. Bully Bash- Students are rewarded each nine weeks for good behavior. If they complete classwork and have no office referrals, they are rewarded with a fun activity. Today's reward was Madagascar 3. While most of my students were out of the room, I got a lot of things accomplished. I actually tackled "that" stack of papers!

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Happy Friday!

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  1. Hi Christy! We are also training in common core, crazy! But, I am excited to know we are making sure our students can compete globally. I am also a K/1 looper! I will CRY my eyes out when they leave me! ;(

    To have had the chance to see them GROW so much has been amazing!!!

    Come visit me! I'm your newest follower!