Thursday, December 27, 2012

12 in 12 Linky Party

I know I have already posted today but I had to join in on the fun!!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher  is hosting this party. Here's my 12 in 12!
12. Favorite Movie: Breaking Dawn Part 2...Love me some Jacob!
11. Favorite TV Series:  Duck Dynasty! Si is full of wisdom. I love to hear the family talk!
10. Favorite Restaurant- Newk's. I could eat there every day!!
9. Favorite New Thing You Tried- BLOGGING! Still don't think I've got it all figured out!!
8. Favorite Gift You Received- Amazing Grace body wash by Philosophy. I smell so good!!!!
7. Favorite Thing You Pinned- This stuff is SO good!!  I couldn't stop eating it!!! You can get the recipe here.
6. Favorite Blog Post- My "I Think I Can" post. I had been trying to make things to put on TPT and use is my classroom. I had been using Microsoft word and didn't like it. I  posted that I needed help. I felt very ignorant at the time. I had the nicest comments on that post. Someone actually helped me out.  Now I spend a lot of time on this MacBook making things to share...Of course I still may not be doing it correctly but I try...
5. Favorite Accomplishment- I have 80 followers. It absolutely amazes me!!
4. Favorite Picture- Our fall family picture. 
3. Favorite Memory- My 5 year old asked me "When Jesus comes back to take the people to Heaven who believes in him, how will we get there? Does Jesus gots a car?" Too cute!!!
2. Goal for 2013- I hope to get really good at this blogging thing...
1. One Little Word- ThAnKfUl!! It would be nice to have a nicer car, bigger house, better clothes, fuller wallet, smaller figure, etc.....As I walk thru this life, I have come to realize that I have been blessed. Some body some where out there would love to be in my shoes. Someone would love to have a house to come home to every day, a healthy family at home, a steady income, a welcoming church family, food. Each and every one of us are very fortunate!!

You can link up here to tell your 12 in 12!


  1. I followed you right back sister! Have you been nominated for the LIEBSTER award yet??? If not I will nominate you. It's a warm fuzzy get to know you kind if thing!

  2. I have already been nominated for that award..Sorry!..I'm glad I found your blog. Can't wait to get to "know" you! :)

  3. Hello Christy! I just found your adorable little blog :) I am so excited o be your newest follower :) thanks for sharing a bit about your year!

  4. I'm with you, Christy...TOTALLY team Jacob! :) Just love that series! :) Did you read the books, or are you just a fan of the films?

    Mrs. Russell's Room

    1. I read the books. Did you? I told my husband if they made a series tv show instead of movies it could have lasted forever. Although the movies are good, they didn't do the books justice....I'm so glad I found you blog and am getting to "know" you. :)))