Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ending to Dr. Seuss Week

Yesterday was my first day of Spring Break! Wooo Hoooo!!!!  That's right, no setting the alarm clock next week for this girl right here! There are no words to explain how excited I am! My plans are to rest, take my boys to the park, rest, eat ice cream, rest,cuddle with our baby, rest, go to the zoo, rest, stalk blogs, and catch up on making a few activities to post on TPT.

Although I really don't love Dr. Seuss, I have to admit that I enjoyed the last two weeks! It was fun reading his books! The students did a quick character study on Dr. Seuss. He's a pretty neat man! Can't believe I forgot to make Oobleck! Guess I will do that when school resumes. It's never too late to play with Oobleck. Right??

On Friday, the cafeteria made green eggs and ham for the K-2 students.  While they ate, our principal read, "Green Eggs And Ham".
My little boy, Sam, loved green eggs and ham!

The grinch was having too much fun!

Each hall had a door contest. My classroom won on our hall! They celebrated with an ice cream party! It was the perfect ending to a fun week!

I hope you have a GREAT week!!!

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