Thursday, August 16, 2012

Story Of True Sportsmanship!

Tomorrow night is our 1st foot ball game of the season. Go Bulldogs!!   This game will be bitter sweet. Here's the story...On December 5, 2011, our coach and his wife had just returned home from taking a player to state so he could participate in a game. It was bedtime so Amanda was going to run the puppy out one last time before going to bed. As she went out her back door, a robber shot her and proceeded to shoot her husband too. Thank the Lord that he didn't hurt their 3 year old little girl. Amanda didn't survive. This community has mourned her loss ever since she left this Earth. Amanda was a speech therapist at my school. We were also in Sunday School together.  She was the kindest, most loving, sincere Christian that I have ever known. As I said, tomorrow night is our 1st game. Amanda's favorite color was purple. Our town is wearing purple to the game in her memory. Our opponents are ALSO wearing purple out of respect. Wow!! That is true sportsmanship!!

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